The application provides access to database of a phone number

The software uses cell tower triangulation method to track phone numbers online. Once geolocation is detected, Device-Locator exploits a vulnerability in the data transmission protocol used by mobile operators to connect to their servers and access the target subscriber's database.

Target phone coordinates

  • The exact location of a person who is being tracked is transmitted to the Device-Locator Dashboard. Received coordinates are displayed on web-maps that are based on OpenStreetMaps (thanks to this, the software also displays the addresses of buildings and the names of locations located on them). With the help of the Time Machine tool, you can find out where the person was at a certain moment in the past.

Device information and personal information

  • The application shows all the information stored on the mobile operator's servers: personal information of the customer - name and surname, information about the package of services used and payments, registration address; and device data - model, operating system, history of connected IP-addresses. The system will send you notifications about any changes in the tracked data.

How to track geolocation of a person by phone number


Enter the phone number in the software

First of all, Device-Locator will determine if it is possible to track the specified number. Obstacles can arise only if it is disabled, temporarily frozen, or incorrectly specified.


Pay for the app

Depending on the selected package, you will receive a certain number of slots for tracking activation. In case you may need to track more than one number in the future, we recommend that you pay for the corresponding package at once - it's cheaper that way.


Log in to your account and... let's do it!

However, you will have to wait a little bit at first. It takes about 30 minutes for the app to install the tracking. Once it is completed, you will receive a notification. From that moment, you can track the subscriber's movements on a permanent basis.

How to track someone's home address by phone

Normally, the functionality of standard spyware is not enough to determine a person's exact home address. When looking for an application with such functionality, it is worth focusing on solutions in which an artificial intelligence module is applied, or to technologies that make it possible to hack the database of mobile operators.

Home Address Definitions

The Device-Locator app was developed at the intersection of these technologies. The app hacks the data of target phone number and uses AI to analyze geo data and to determine the most visited by him places. By the way, all this functionality can be accessed for free, the application has an affiliate program that anyone can join.

Statistical data

The Travel Statistics section collects detailed information about where and when the phone owner goes. It displays his home and work addresses, favorite places, visited stores, etc. The software analyzes his movements to determine his favorite walking routes and the route taken by the subscriber by car.

Call forwarding from someone else's phone

A unique feature of Device-Locator is remote installation of call forwarding from someone else's number to your own. Two call forwarding modes are available: synchronous and full. At full forwarding, an incoming call is redirected to the specified phone number and blocked on the target device. With synchronous, the application does not block the call, and broadcasts the conversation in real time.

No need for confirmation or consent of the owner

The application determines location by phone number in the background, without the person's consent. Moreover, we guarantee the anonymity of surveillance regardless of which operator's services a person uses: from the point of view of subscriber data access laws, geo-positioning is monitored legally.
Does it really work?

Here's what our customers say

We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

97% of people report that they have found their lost devices

I used this program briefly, I just needed to track a person by phone phone. It took me a long time to find out how to track the phone without the owner's consent, and luckily Device-Locator has solved the problem. I am not a big technology expert, so I will not go into details, but I can say that what is required of it, this program does it 100%.

Jamal lb Liban

As soon as I needed to start spying on a girl's phone, I immediately started looking for solutions that allow me to track the location of a phone online for free, as finances are tight these days. Device-Locator offers a pretty adequate affiliate program, where you can get free access to the software in exchange for inviting users. Fortunately, it is not hard to find jealous people on the Internet. By the way, the surveillance paid off, and we recently went on a fun date!

Friedrich am Armenia
98% of users say it's the best spy app

It came in very handy when I lost my cell phone on the way home from a party! It's good to live in the 21st century: I woke upg, googled cell phone tracking solutions, found this app, typed in my number, went to the shower, found out where my phone was, went for a walk for morning coffee, got my cell phone out of the bushes on the way. That's amazing!

Elina lt Lithuania

I am a very cautious person, so before I started spying on another person's phone, I attentively read all possible reviews and testimonials of all possible applications. From the reviews it seemed that Device-Locator was the most reliable and safe option (for me it was important not only that it would work, but also that my anonymity would not be compromised). Well, after a month of continuous use, I can confirm that it is so.

Mana th Thailand
72% of users say they have fewer problems now

My brother has problems with alcohol, but I am a big opponent of coercive measures, so I tried to find a more or less humane option for help. In the end, a friend advised me this app. With it I'm always aware of which bar my brother is in right now, and I can come and talk to him. It's really cool! All functions work great, especially pleased that the software is able to determine the names of locations and the exact address, and then display them on Google Maps.

Marshal ca Canada

Thank you so much for this app, it has made my parenting routine so much easier! I use zone monitoring to keep track of my son - works like clockwork, notifications come instantly.

Kamila fr France
Automatic payments accepted in other currencies.

Convertible payments

Payment is available via Visa and Mastercard payment systems, electronic wallets and cryptocurrency platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple, Cosmos

Frequently Asked Questions

Device-Locator technology is a third-party alternative to Apple's Locator app: it has much broader functionality and does not require logging into an iCloud account to install surveillance.

How often is information about a target person's current location updated?
Geodata is streamed to the Device-Locator web interface in real time..
Can the person being tracked in any way interfere with the tracking?
A user who has been tracked cannot interfere with it in any way. Moreover, technologically, he is not even able to track it.
Is the software able to track a person's IP address by its phone number?
The software tracks all the basic data of the target device: model, OS, IP address.
Is it possible to set up surveillance on a button phone?
The app can track the geolocation of any device with a SIM card inserted. Including a push-button phone.
How do I set up instant notifications about new movements of the target device?
When the tracking installation is complete, the application will prompt you to activate the notification system. The peculiarities of activation depend on the selected notification sending mode.