Find turned off iPhone by phone number

Application allows you to find iPhone quickly and safely. The software determines the location of iPhone by phone number only, without requesting the iCloud password, Jailbreak, appeal to the police, etc. iPhones, iPads and other devices from Apple have a built-in reliable security system, which has a big hole: the location of the device cannot be tracked if it is turned off.

Does not require iCloud authorization

  • You don't need to log in to iCloud account to activate tracking: to find an iPad or iPhone online, just enter the phone number to which the inserted SIM or eSIM is linked or the IMEI code, a 14-digit unique device identifier that can be found in the documentation that comes with it. Moreover, if you forget the authorization data for target iCloud account, the software will be able to track which email address it is registered to.

Find where the iPhone is located and determine the exact address of the location

  • Just like when you search through Apple's Device-Locator app, iPhone's geolocation is displayed on interactive maps. With Device-Locator you can use built-in interactive maps, Google Maps, Apple Maps or other map services. The app is able to determine the exact address where the device is located and send you a notification when it changes.

Movement History

  • Another function that noticeably increases the efficiency of the search is the movement tracker. The application remembers all new movements of the device, and restores the history of past movements (this is done by using geodata stored in the database of the mobile operator serving the tracked number). Enter the date when the phone got lost, and the software will track all its movements from that moment.

Remote locking of some functions

  • In addition, you can significantly limit the smartphone functionality available to its current owner: lock the iPhone, disable the ability to activate Airplane Mode, remotely delete some applications. After the iPhone returns to you, you will be able to remove the lock in the Dashboard.
Features of iPhone Search with Device-Locator

Recording the voice of the device's current owner

A key feature of Device-Locator is the ability to remotely access the functionality of the device. For example, if you need to find out who found or appropriated your iPhone, the software is capable of recording a person's voice when one of the applications with microphone access is open on the device: Phone, Microphone, one of the messengers, etc. Files with voice recordings will appear in Dashboard.

App functionality is constantly updated

The Device-Locator team constantly monitors changes in the algorithms of iOS and iCloud, and other updates announced by Apple, and updates the functionality of the software. Each new update stabilizes the operation of the application and optimizes its interface (we carefully read all the feedback that users give us). Updates occur in the background and do not interfere with the software in any way.

Guaranteed confidentiality of use

All user information and received device data are stored on secure servers, and none of the developers has access to them. Our Data Usage Policy ensures that the database of any Device-Locator account cannot be used for advertising or any other purposes.

Tool for Finding iPhones or other Apple devices

Here's what our customers say

We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

95% users have successfully found their devices after losing it

When I lost my iPhone and then understood it's turned off, I instantly lost any hope to find it. Fortunately, I managed to find the Device-Locator (Apple Locator does not work with the iPhone turned off). The application showed the last location of the phone before disconnecting, then I searched everything around of 100 meters from this place, and found it (it was covered by snow). Thank you so much for such an app!

Frami Noble
Frami Noble by Belarus

By far the best solution on the market for this money. Initially I just wanted to track where my girlfriend is by phone number, and then, as it turned out, I got a whole spy lab - the application showed all the SMS, photos and videos stored on her iPhone and iCloud, and much more. Of the important points I will note the interface - everything is very clear and accessible, I didn’t even have to read the manual.

Hackett Andres
Hackett Andres us USA
98% of people say they have fewer problems now

"I didn't have any practical need for a Device-Locator, I bought it just out of interest in spy equipment. I entered a random number and eventually hacked the geolocation of some girl from Peru. No bad things to say about this app, so far the most functional and stable surveillance application of all that I have used (especially intrigued on how does it work so good for tracking iPhones). I totally recommend it!"

Ebert Brycen
Ebert Brycen us USA

"Quality alternative to the native Locator for iPhone. Clear design, very (!) wide functionality, and, most importantly, all the stated functions work. I had a conversation with support (I misinterpreted some of the pricing) and I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and competence of the operator. Without a doubt, I recommend it!"

Crona Logan
Crona Logan eg Egypt
92% many people say it's the best spy app

"I didn't expect Apple to get to the point where I would have to use a third-party app to find an iPhone! After I gave up trying to remember the iCloud password (and for recovery, as it turned out, it was necessary to go through bureaucratic hell), I decided to try alternatives, and after reading the laudatory images, I chose Device-Locator. Never wished, excellent software, the iPhone was found without problems. In the end, Device-Locator 1:0 Apple. "

Waelchi Emanuel
Waelchi Emanuel ge Germany

“I lost my iPhone on the way to work. Of course, after the first attempt to call it, it was turned off. I waited for several days to be turned on, but the person who found it was not stupid. Locator. The app, of course, cannot track the phone while it is turned off, but it is able to find out where it was before it was turned off. After a trip to the outskirts of the city and a short conversation, the phone returned to me."

James co Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions

Device-Locator technology is a third-party alternative to Apple's Locator app: it has much broader functionality and does not require logging into an iCloud account to install surveillance.

Is the app able to track who the current owner of the iPhone called?
The software accesses the full database of the target phone number stored by the mobile network operator. The database includes, among other things, information about outgoing and incoming calls.
Is Device-Locator able to remotely disable or lock a lost iPhone?
The app is able to set a function lock on target device. It can only be unlocked from the Device-Locator Dashboard.
Should I be afraid for the safety of files stored in the device's memory if I use Device-Locator to search for it?
Tracking iPhone geodata does not threaten the safety of the files stored on it.
I've already used Device-Locator to search for an Android phone. Can I use the same account to track an iPhone?
Up to 5 simultaneous geo-tracking sessions can be run from one account. The smartphone model and operating system installed on it do not matter.
Is the functionality of the software relevant for searching for devices using eSIM technology?
The application is equally effective for finding devices that use standard SIM cards and devices that use eSIM technology.