Find any person by phone number via Device Locator

The technology uses triangulation of cellular towers or satellite to track cell phone location. After target phone number is processed, the software identifies mobile operator serving it, connects to its database, and broadcasts actual geodata to user interface.

Geolocation is displayed on the map

  • The software receives the coordinates of current location of the device, and reproduces them in the Device-Locator Dashboard on interactive maps. There are several tracking modes available in the application: on a standard map, from a satellite, or in a mapping application installed on your smartphone (for example, Google Maps). The Dashboard also displays address of closest location and name of enterprises registered there.
  • Device geolocation

No need to access the target device

  • Installation of surveillance and location monitoring by phone number process completely remotely. An important feature of Device-Locator: the target user is not notified about geolocation hacking, data tracking is anonymous. In fact, the software does not interact in any way with the monitored device itself, so confidentiality of surveillance does not depend on protection measures taken by subscriber.
  • Track a mobile phone

How to track someone's location online


Manual Tracking

Keep track of which events and location pages the target person has been liking lately. This approach will help to narrow the range of locations to a minimum. Tracking profiles of friends can be equally effective - they can publish a post from a certain place and mark the target person.


Search with Tracking App

Device-Locator is an optimal solution. The application determines current location of a person by phone number, and then constantly broadcasts his movements in real time. The application provides an opportunity to hack geolocation online for free, for this you have to become a member of the affiliate program.


Completely Anonymous Surveillance

The application determines location by phone number in background, without consent of phone owner. Moreover, we guarantee anonymity of surveillance regardless of which operator a person uses: from the point of view of laws on providing access to subscriber data, geo-location monitoring is legal.

The Device-Locator application monitors location of smartphones or other devices with a SIM card or eSIM technology.

Search for an Android Device Online

  • Compatible with all models. Device-Locator is compatible with phones, tablets, smartwatches and other Android-based devices that are somehow linked to an active phone number. We regularly update the software, making it compatible with new smartphone models and operating system versions. The software is also capable of searching for an Android phone by IMEI.
  • Find Android

Finding iPhone by phone number

  • A reliable alternative to Apple's Locator app. With Device-Locator you can track the location of an iPhone or other Apple device without logging in iCloud. Functionally our software is significantly superior to the Locator application, and its use is completely safe — iOS defense mechanisms are not able to track surveillance. The application also provides the ability to track geolocation by an email address linked to an iCloud account.
  • Find iPhone

Parental Control

  • Features of Device-Locator technology. In addition to the standard geolocation of smartphone, Parental Control mode includes several additional functions. Probably the most important and urgent one is zone tracking: mark on maps the places where your child should be (Home, School, Training, etc.), specify the hours, and get a notification every time he is not where he should be.
  • Install Parental Control

Remote device control

By connecting to the target subscriber's database, the application provides control of some functions of the monitored smartphone. If necessary, you can remotely lock the device (to unlock the subscriber will have to enter the PIN code of the inserted SIM card), activate call forwarding and SMS to the specified number, temporarily block notifications.

Access files on the device

Part of the data stored in the smartphone's memory is duplicated in the Dashboard: photos and videos from the Gallery, contact list, saved geotags from Apple Maps, call history, received and sent SMS messages. Activate software synchronization with your device's memory to get offline access to all tracked files.

Data Usage Policy

Our data usage policy ensures that all decisions regarding the storage and use of the information received will remain with you. We do not transfer user data to third parties, and we do not use it to set up advertising. Data is stored on secure servers, and each data cell is protected by a password known only by the user himself.

Track mobile device on maps

Device-Locator is a universal solution for finding lost phones: just specify the phone number, and then the application will install the device tracking and show where the tracked device is.

Enter the phone number

Enter a phone number in international format (select a country from the drop-down menu) and our software will do the rest.

Wait for the result

If you see the message "Successful" in the dialog box, it means that current geolocation of the device is detected

See the result

To display current location of a target object on maps you need to pay for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Will I be able to find out where the target user was in the past?

Geolocation of the target user is displayed live, and all the movements are stored in the database of the Device-Locator account. In Dashboard you just need to specify the time of interest, and the software will display the subscriber's location at that moment.

Is it possible to establish surveillance of several people at the same time?

From a Device-Locator account you can start tracking up to 5 phone numbers. If you are going to track several cell phone users, we recommend purchasing the appropriate package of services initially — so the cost of tracking will be much lower.

Does the app access any other data about the user or device besides their geolocation?

The software allows you to track someone's past movements, their home and work addresses, device information and personal data.

How safe is it to use Device-Locator to spy on Apple devices?

Tracking iPhones, iPads and other devices from Apple is completely safe and anonymous.

In which countries can the Device-Locator software be used?

The technology is compatible with any mobile operators in all countries of the world.

Application for searching and finding phones on maps | Device-Locator
Does it really work?

Here's what our customers say

We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

97% of people report that they have found their lost devices

As for me, the best option for finding a Samsung phone. Unlike the native application, it does not require any passwords, it is enough to specify a phone number. I used the application from my computer, I have an old netbook - nothing hung up and did not slow down, geolocation was displayed live, as promised. In general, an excellent application, I put 5 out of 5.

Albert Henk van Urk
Upton Cortez at Austria

"By far the best solution on the market for this money. Initially I just wanted to track where my girlfriend is by phone number, and then, as it turned out, I got a whole spy lab - the application showed all the SMS, photos and videos stored on her phone, and much more. Of the important points I will note the interface - everything is very clear and accessible, I didn’t even have to read the manual."

Prohaska Caden
Prohaska Caden de Germany
98% of users say it's the best spy app

"I didn't have any practical need for a Device-Locator, I bought it just out of interest in spy equipment. I entered a random number and eventually hacked the geolocation of some girl from Peru. No bad things to say about this app, so far the most functional and stable surveillance application of all that I have used (this is the seventh software that I am trying). I totallyrecommend it!"

Steph Smith
Steph Smith us USA

"Affordable, practical, functional. I use it to keep track of some friends, in six months of use I have no complaints at all. Top quality!"

Jonathan Bree
Jonathan Bree be Belgium
72% of users say they have fewer problems now

"To be honest, I chose Device-Locator only because it provided the ability to search for a phone number for free. I joined the affiliate program, spread my referral link across thematic forums, and the next day I got free access (it turned out that many people are interested in such an application). I have never regretted it, an excellent program, the functionality fully corresponds to the description."

Rob Masefield
Rob Masefield ge Germany

"Thank you so much for this app, it has greatly simplified my routine! I use zonal monitoring in order to control my husband's movements - it works like clockwork, notifications come instantly..."

Sara Palmer
Sara Palmer fr France
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