How to find a person on maps. Online Location Search

Today there are several dozen geotracking solutions presented on the spy software market. As the study showed, the most effective tool in terms of price, quality and functionality is Device-Locator. The application allows you to find a person by phone number, and it is compatible with any devices and OS, and is able to track geodata in all countries of the world. An equally important aspect that makes Device-Locator the best option are constant updates. The software team regularly updates the functionality, which allows it to keep up with the times.

Visited places are displayed on the interactive map

  • All tracked data is stored in the application memory and is available for retrieval at any time: just enter the date and time and the application will display the location where the tracked device was. Any geo tags from Device-Locator can be duplicated on Google Maps or other map services, for this you need to activate Synchronization with third-party applications and give the software the requested permission.

Find a person by phone number

  • Device-Locator uses data from cell towers to determine the exact location of the target device. If the phone is turned off, the application displays its last recorded geo-location before disconnecting. From one Device-Locator account you can simultaneously monitor up to 5 subscribers of various mobile operators.

Broadcast of user movements

  • The movements of the target device are broadcasted to the Dashboard in real time. In addition to actual geolocation, the software displays the current address at which it finds a person. If the person is currently traveling by car, this is identified by a special module, after which the application switches to the appropriate surveillance mode.
A universal app for tracking people's location

Find out about person's meetings online

The technology is equipped with an AI module that is able to analyze online environment of the tracked person on an ongoing basis. The software uses data from communication towers to determine the numbers of people who are regularly near him and allows users to track their personal data (first and last name), time and place where they usually meet.

Anonymous people finder online

The application provides anonymous spying on any person: the target usere will not know about the installed surveillance, regardless of which operator's services he uses and which security programs are installed on his device. Device-Locator team also guarantees full confidentiality of the software usage, your data is stored on our servers in encrypted form, and under no circumstances is transferred to third parties.

Works on any device or OS

One of the key features and advantages of the software is the web interface of the Dashboard: the application is compatible with devices of any manufacturer and all operating systems. To start searching for a person by phone and for subsequent tracking, all you have to do is log in to your Device-Locator account in any browser. The cross-platform interface makes the software equally effective and functional for smartphone, tablet and computer users.

How to find a person by phone number for free


Registrer an Account

First, specify the target phone number on the Device-Locator main page, and wait until the software confirms the possibility of tracking. Then create an account: registration via e-mail or social networks is possible. After authorization in the Dashboard you will be offered to join our affiliate program - you have to accept the invitation.


Spead the Referral Link

A unique affiliate link will be generated for you by the program. From this moment you will receive referral payments for each paid user who creates a Device-Locator account using the linked and. We recommend distributing the link in groups and forums with potentially interested audience.


Launch the Search and Access Device's Geodata

After you have collected enough affiliate funds to purchase the package of services you are interested in, click Activate Search on the main screen of your Dashboard. The geolocation of the device will be determined within 30 minutes after launching the search, the application will send you a notification.

How it works?


We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

97% of people report that they have found their lost devices

"As for me, the best option for finding a Samsung phone. Unlike the native application, it does not require any passwords, it is enough to specify a phone number. I used the application from my computer, I have an old netbook - nothing hung up and did not slow down, geolocation was displayed live, as promised. In general, the application perfectly meets my needs."

Wintheiser Okey
Wintheiser Okey ua Ukraine

"You could say this app is my online matchmaker, lol. Recently I met an interesting girl, took his number, but I didn't want to call her myself and waited for herto call. In the end I didn't wait and decided to arrange a random meeting. I asked my friends how to find a person by phone number, and they advised me Device-Locator. Happy end: we have already been on two dates! I recommend it to everyone."

Donald ie Irish
98% many people say it's the best spy app

"I needed to find one person who is my debtor, and understand where he is in the evenings when I am free from work. I entered his number into this application, and the result turned out to be awesome — it really knows how to track a person's movements by itself, and predict his location in the future."

Makka us USA

"As far as I understand, this is the only program that allows you to search for a person by phone almost for free, in exchange for invitations. My experience is extremely positive. I was following my brother, who after returning from army went on a little spree. I wanted to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. The program showed where he was in real time, without delays, and, as far as I can tell, without errors."

Rudolfia al Albania
72% many people say they have fewer problems now

"I am very lucky that I found Device-Locator! My iPad was stolen, and to be honest, I didn't really hope to find it. The application tracked it by IMEI, after which my boyfriend went to the specified address and successfully returned it. It turned out that some kid stole it while I was playing with my daughter on the playground. I recommend Device-Locator to anyone who is in a similar situation, the application is A+."

Monica ge Canada

"I got Device-Locator after my husband went on vacation with friends and disappeared for several days. The application allowed me to determine that he was at least alive and moving (as it turned out, from pub to pub). Unlike other applications, Device-Locator shows the names of the places where the person you are looking for is located, which is very convenient and saves time."

Aurica fr France
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Frequently Asked Questions

The software allows you to locator a person online in any country, regardless of the mobile operator it uses.

How to find a person by phone number if his smartphone is disconnected?
The software is able to track and define phone's location before it is turned off. In addition, when the notification system is activated, it will send you an alert when the device is turned on.
How do I install updates in Device-Locator?
Updates are installed automatically. Due to the fact that Device-Locator is a web application, users have constant access to the most updated version.
Is the target user able to protect his device from surveillance?
There are no preventive measures to avoid or track the installation of tracking. This is due to the fact that the software does not actually interact with the device itself, access to geodata is provided through hacking the mobile operator's database.
Is Device-Locator suitable for installing satellite phone surveillance?
The application is equally effective for tracking geodata of cellular and satellite phones.
For how long will the target device be tracked?
Device-Locator users get constant access to the actual geodata of the target device from the moment of successful tracking installation.