Determine location of a lost phone

Is it legal to track a person's location by phone online

The legality of geodata tracking depends on the method you use for this. The safest and most legitimate approach is provided by apps that track data of mobile operators — Device-Locator uses exactly this approach.

Locate a person by phone number on maps

  • Device-Locator technology allows you to determine exact location of any smartphone with a minimum amount of input data: it is enough to specify the phone number to which the SIM card inserted into the device is linked. The received geodata is displayed in the application on interactive maps. The software is equipped with a number of functions that make it the most effective solution for finding a lost smartphone: it saves tracked data, displays the geolocation of a switched-off phone, and is able to remotely lock the device.

How to find a phone by IMEI

  • The application provides ability to track the device by IMEI code — this can help to track a lost or a stolen phone if the SIM card has been removed from it. Functionally, such a search is no different from a standard search by phone number: enter the IMEI, pay for the package of services that suits you, wait for the installation of surveillance to be completed and ... done, the exact location of the phone can be tracked online in a browser.

Track another person's location

Device-Locator uses data from cell towers to establish an exact location of a phone without the consent of the owner.

Find out where a person is by the phone number

The software is effective for finding someone's location by phone number. After launching a search, it will display on maps geolocation of all devices somehow associated with the target number in the mobile operator's database: smartphone, tablet, modem, smart watches, devices and people who use the same family service package as the person who has been tracked.

Restore history of visited locations

This tool helps to define addresses of places visited most often by the subscriber: home, office, favorite cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. For each location, the date and time of each visit, the frequency of visits (Daily, Every 3 days, Weekly, On weekends, etc.) are displayed. The notification system can be configured so that the application notifies you when the tracked person visits a certain location.

New data export formats

Device-Locator is now able to export data in .numbers tables. When you start exporting, you will be able to select types of data you are interested in or use one of the templates adapted for popular data import platforms (Facebook Ads Manager, Google AdWords, etc.)

Update of location identification algorithms

To the previously available identifiers of the most visited locations (Home, Office, Favorite cafes, Favorite stores) were added more than a dozen new ones: Child's School, Sports sections, Private property, etc.

Here's what our customers say

We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

95% of users say about successfully finding the device after losing it.

If you only knew how long I've been looking for a proper mobile number locator! Due to peculiarities of my work activity, this kind of application can save me a huge amount of time and energy. I found out about Device-Locator in a professional chat and was initially skeptical. However, in the end I am extremely satisfied with the application, all the functions work perfectly. By the way, I recommend not to be lazy, and before you start working with the application, read the Manual carefully, it has a lot of non-obvious functions.

Price Omer
Price Omer us USA

"Great functionality for ridiculous money! With this software I was able to locate my lost iPhone X online, I chose to search by phone number and pretty quickly its geolocation showed up on maps. Although it is a third party software, geo data can be displayed, for example, on Apple Maps, which was a big surprise to me!"

Paula ch Switzerland
98% of people say it's the best spy app

"I didn't have any practical need for a Device-Locator, I bought it just out of interest in spy equipment. I entered a random number and eventually hacked the geolocation of some girl from Peru. No bad things to say about this app, so far the most functional and stable surveillance application of all that I have used (this is the seventh software that I am trying). I totallyrecommend it!"

Gerard us USA

"I found Device-Locator at a difficult moment in my life - my car was stolen with almost all my valuable things in it. I began to search for solutions to locate my phone preferably for free (everything became tight with money). Google brought me to Device-Locator web site, and fortunately they had affiliate program. I spent several days posting my referral link on various forums and websites, and eventually got free access. I won't delay the finale: I managed to find out geolocation of the phone, and after contacting the police, almost all my things came back to me! Thank you so much!"

Gleichner Kayley
Gleichner Kayley amArmenia
92% of people describe the performance of the app as excellent

"After my cell phone got lost, I spent a lot of time physically searching - wasputting up posters and stuff. Next time I'll know that everything can be done much easier and faster - Device-Locator located it by phone number in 15 minutes, what a thing!"

Alyona ge Germany

"Thank you so much to the developers! Last night my son went out with friends without asking and of course I was very nervous. Thank goodness I was able to find this app and find him before anything bad happens. I think will use the app in the future as well. Especially useful is the fact that in case of anything, the kid can not hinder the search in any way or even find out about it."

Stan frFrance

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Can I launch a search for a lost mobile phone via Device-Locator from a computer?
The cross-platform design of application provides an equally effective search for location of a phone from any type of device on which you can open a browser.
How do I know where the target subscriber was at a particular moment?
To display the subscriber's location, simply enter the date and time you are interested in in the corresponding section of Dashboard.
Is it possible to display the location in third-party applications?
Device-Locator technology allows you to duplicate tracked geodata in any mapping services.
Is the application able to track a person's name by phone number?
Once you've completed the tracking installation, you'll have access to all of the person's data stored by the mobile operator serving the number - including first and last name.
What measures should be taken to ensure maximum security of surveillance?
All measures have already been taken for you, the Device-Locator team guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality of surveillance.