How to find a stolen Android phone without contacting the police

There are often situations when your phone has been stolen, and there is neither time nor desire to go to law enforcement agencies - moreover, such an appeal does not always bring results. An effective and autonomous alternative is geolocation tracking apps. To find where the phone, tablet or other device running on the Android OS is located use the Device-Locator smartphone search program. In the application it is enough to specify the phone number or IMEI device, after which it will display the geo-location of the device on the interactive map.

Remote search for Android phones

  • Device-Locator technology allows you to access geodata of any Android device by phone number in just 30 minutes. After the surveillance is launched, the application connects to cellular communication towers, and transmits data about the movements of the device to the Dashboard. If necessary, you can display the tracked geolocation on other maps - Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

Track devices logged into a Google account

  • By connecting to cell towers, the software exploits the vulnerability of the data protocol used by mobile operators to gain access to the database of the target number. Among other things, it stores the ID of the Google account authorized on the phone. The app finds other devices with an identical Google ID and prompts users to set up surveillance on them.

Track calls and SMS on the device

  • Information about the calls is displayed in a table consisting of the following columns: Conversation initiator, Interlocutor's phone number, Date and Time, Call duration. In addition, when you click on a specific phone number, you will be able to view the full history of interactions of the target device with this number. In the case of SMS, the software also shows the content of the message read status (Sent, Delivered, Read).

Access to files stored on the phone or in the operator's storage

  • Photos and videos stored on the device can be played directly in the Device-Locator web interface. They can also be downloaded to your device. Some mobile operators allow their users to save files to free storage - the software is able to hack into this storage and duplicate all the media files and documents there.
Features of the Android Phone Search

App does not need any permission to access data

Location and movement tracking is set in the background. At this stage, the application does not interact in any way with the device itself, so geolocation hacking is almost impossible to trace - the current owner is not notified about the hack. Of the solutions presented on the spyware market, Device-Locator is the only one that allows you to find an Android phone completely anonymously.

Unlimited number of authorized devices

The Device-Locator application does not have any system requirements — it is possible to find a remote Android from any device on which any browser opens. Moreover, you can log in to the Device-Locator account on an unlimited number of devices - be it a phone, tablet or computer. You decide what security measures to apply to your account: activate sending a verification code to log in on a new device, a secret question, or limit yourself to a password.

Simultaneous tracking of up to 5 devices

The scope of tracking is also not limited to one device - you can track up to 5 different devices from one Device-Locator account. If several devices are linked to the same Google account, the cost of simultaneous tracking will be significantly lower (we recommend to read the features of our pricing). In case you need to extend the limit, write a message to Support with the note Device limit.

Tools for monitoring Android or other Google devices

Here's what our customers say

We conducted a survey in which we asked Device-Locator users to share their experience of software usage, here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive feedback

95% users have successfully found their devices after losing it

Device-Locator saved my smartwatch. They somehow fell off my hand while jogging. It was a luck that they were tied to my eSIM, and that such applications exist. As a result, I purchased the maximum package of services and tied all my devices to it, now they certainly won't be lost!

GiniusTyle rs Serbia

"I became a Device-Locator user only because the native software for Samsung phones is not very smart. After a week of desperate attempts to find my tablet, I decided to try third-party software, and I succeeded in just the second attempt. The first application I bought promised to find a Samsung phone by IMEI code, but in the end the idea failed. Then I bought a Device-Locator and this time I hit the spot, the software found the smartphone and even helped to determine who stole it. Thank you!"

Takashi jp Japan
98% many people say it's the best spy app

"Since I couldn't find a free app to search for lost mobile phones, I decided to switch to paid options, and frankly, I chose Device-Locator because of the price that suits me better. As it turned out, the choice was fully justifie, the program works 100%, my favorite Xiaomi was found, and, what's especially cool, I can use it at any time, you get access to the functionality forever."

Hola us USA

"I used Device-Locator to track my wife. I entered her phone number into the app and got access to her Honor phone geo data. Zero complains, all stated tools work without problems, great app. Plan on using it in the future. Hopefully it will live on and be updated."

Yunus tr Turkey
92% people say the performance of the app is excellent

"I work as a photographer, and a few weeks ago I flew to Barcelona for work. I finished working, went to the beach to rest and... my bag with camera got stolen. After the panic had subsided, I realized that the bag also had my tablet with an active SIM card in it. A quick Google search led me to the Device-Locator website, and the software was able to track the geolocation of the tablet using the phone number. All in all, it got around. I liked everything about the app, the speed, the functionality and the interface!"

Karl se Sweden

"Really cool app! I didn't hope for anything at all when I was googling how to track a phone by car number. Man, I was pretty surprised when I found it. As a result, I got the number of the criminal who escaped from the scene of the accident, and the whole story is too long to tell… In short, as I said, the application works good, I can advise it toeveryone. I was very happy when I realized that I could use it all the time... Drive responsibely!"

James no Norway

Frequently Asked Questions

Device-Locator is a program for remote search of Android devices. To find the location of Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi phones, minimal provided data is enough.

Does the probability of a successful search depend on the phone model?
The software shows equally high results for Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor phones and devices from other manufacturers. From the point of view of technology, the phone model or the OS installed on it does not matter.
Is the app able to find the exact address where the Android phone is located?
The application correlates the received coordinates with the data from OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps, and displays in Dashboard the address of the nearest actual location to the phone.
Is it necessary to install the application on a device, and what are its system requirements?
All the work with Device-Locator is happening in the browser, so there are no system requirements at all. The only thing you need is a stable Internet connection and an up-to-date browser version.
Can I remotely lock a lost phone via Device-Locator?
The software is capable of remotely locking the device. It is important to keep in mind that it will be possible to unlock the phone either through the Device-Locator Dashboard, or by reinstalling the operating system.
Is it possible to delete device data from the application database after the search is completed?
Any Device-Locator user can delete their account and all associated data.